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Our Services


QDI Sdn. Bhd is a top information technology and web/app system development company in Malaysia that provides information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products and services using ultra-modern technologies.





We provide timely business information solutions.

We also provide Strategic Business Trainings in Sales, Customer Care as well as Direct Sales Concept.


Enterprise management, integration security technology, business intelligence, strategic delivery capabilities and a host of other ICT related services.




Strengthen your foothold in the online world with help of our core expertise in advanced web development technology. Our multifaceted & prolific approach will carve a unique image of your business that tends to make your brand famous and renowned worldwide.




Ensure an enthralling presence on the digital landscape with mobile apps and systems analytics that are highly advanced, replete with features and offer visual delight that is rare to be found. With our unmatched expertise and experience in this craft, you can expect groundbreaking apps and systems across all major mobile platforms.



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